can these presets be used on any phone other than iphone?

Yes! As far as I know they work on any smartphone, as long as the Mobile Lightroom app and a Zip app is available in the app store.


i purchased the presets but i can’t seem to open the file on my phone. a blank page keeps showing up. what do i do?

Double check to make sure your internet connection is strong, click on the downloadable file again, and have patience. The file is large so it may take a long time to download, even with good internet.


i have the file downloaded but i can’t seem to open it on my zip app. WHat do i do?

Try again! Sometimes the app needs a couple tries before the preset file will open. If that fails, try downloading another zip app and make sure your internet connection is good.


i have a question that hasn’t been answered here. how can i contact you?

Shoot me an email with “preset” as the subject at delilahwiebe@gmail.com and I will gladly help you out!