what are presets?

Imagine using a filter for your photos without taking away the quality and having more control. Traditional filters found on most editing apps are slapped on top of the photo, not allowing much wiggle room for adjustments and dumbing down the quality. Presets in Adobe Lightroom are a set series of colour tones, curves, exposure, and shadows that adjust the actual photo data.

They’re like filters, but way better.


why presets?

Presets are the secret weapon to creating a cohesive and beautiful Instagram feed.

Behind every photographer and instagramer you’ll find a preset. Using a preset allows you to edit photos fast and easily. No matter where your photos are taken or what you take them with, a preset ensures you’ll have an even look across the board. Just snap a photo, import it into Lightroom, select your preset, and BAM! You’re done. Easy as pie.


can they be used on a computer?


Only if you have a paid Adobe subscription. The presets need to be downloaded, and can only be downloaded, on your phone. Sign in to your account on the mobile app and download the presets. If you already have a paid subscription the presets will automatically transfer over. Otherwise you can still use these presets for free in the Adobe Lightroom mobile app.


can they be used on any phone other than iphone?

You bet!

The set up may be a little different and you may have to download a different unzip app in order to open the download link, but they are usable on any smartphone!


what if i get a new phone?

Please please please make sure you create an actual account.


When you sign out of the app or get a new phone the presets will disappear if you don’t create an account.

If you don’t create an actual account you’ll have to re-purchase the presets.


how do i download?

Click here to view the downloading instructions. Once you’ve downloaded the file you’ll receive the preset files alongside an additional set of instructions on how to install. It’s easy but a little time consuming.

Make sure you have a good internet connection!


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