DL Mobile Minimalist Preset Pack

DL Mobile Minimalist Preset Pack


The DL Mobile Minimalist collection was designed to bring a simple, natural, and bright look to your photos. The colour tones are muted and warm and leave photos feeling airy and effortless. Editing is a breeze with these presets - simply apply the filter and - poof - you’re done! You can easily edit your photos in minutes, all on your phone.

If you want to see more examples of these presets head over to my Instagram. Use the hashtag #dlpresets so I can see your beautiful photos!

The adjustments I make to my photos after using these presets are very minimal. Depending on the lighting situation and the colours in the photo I will adjust shadows, exposure, saturation, and temperature, if needed.

*NOTE - These presets are designed to work on the free Adobe Lightroom App for mobile. They can not be used on a computer UNLESS you have a paid Lightroom subscription. You will need to download the apps Lightroom and ZipTool (or any other unzip app) in order to download the presets. You will also need to create an account on Lightroom, but make sure that you do not sign in using Google or FaceBook or you will lose the presets if you sign out or get a new phone. Keep in mind these presets will take a while to download and require a solid internet connection.


Before you can download the presets you will need to first download the app ‘ZipTool’ (or any other unzip app). You will also need to download the ‘Adobe Lightroom’ app and create an account (it’s free!). Once the transaction has gone through you will receive an email containing a downloadable file. Click on that file link and then ‘open in ZipTool’, (this may take a few minutes). Once inside ‘ZipTool’ you can unzip the file and a new folder titled ‘DL Minimalist Collection’ will appear. This file will include all 5 presets and a step by step guide on how to install the presets to your mobile Lightroom app. Follow the installation guide and enjoy your new presets! The file will expire within 24 hours so be sure to download the preset pack before your time runs out!


All sales are final. Digital products cannot be returned and no refund will be available. Unauthorized distribution of DL Presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

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DL Mobile Minimal

This is the preset that inspired this entire pack. It has a cooler tone than the rest and looks great on indoor photos. The colours are muted and slightly cool, allowing those whites to POP! This is also my go-to for flat-lay photos.


DL Mobile Natural

DL Natural is by far my most used preset. It looks good in almost every lighting situation and adds a subtle warmth and brightness to pictures. It’s also my personal favourite for iPhone photos!


DL Mobile Sand

DL Mobile Sand looks especially great on shaded photos and photos taken outdoors. It’s warmth draws out skin tones and adds a soft touch to any picture.


DL Mobile Faded

This is the preset I often reach for when snapping a photo with my DSLR. It is slightly brighter and less contrasted, which means it’s the perfect fit for any under-exposed, dark photo.


DL Mobile B&W

This black and white preset is soft and gentle while also adding a little mood. It’s the same black and white that is included in my Classic Preset Pack because I love it so much!