DL Linen Preset Collection

DL Linen Preset Collection


The Linen Preset Collection takes editing to a whole new level of easy-breezy. These presets give your photos a bright, creamy feel in seconds. Your photo is too dark? There’s a preset for that. Your photo is lacking colour? There’s a preset for that. I designed these for entrepreneurs, moms, students, and creatives on the go. You can easily edit your photos in minutes, all on your phone.

These presets were created to cut your editing time in half. Very little, if any adjustments will need to be made after using these. They are made for .jpeg photos taken with full automatic settings. What does that mean? They are extremely beginner friendly!

If you want to see more examples of these presets head over to my Instagram. Use the hashtag #dlpresets so I can see your beautiful photos!

*NOTE - These presets are designed to work on the free Adobe Lightroom App for mobile. They can not be used on a computer UNLESS you have a paid Lightroom subscription. You will need to download the apps Lightroom and ZipTool (or any other unzip app) in order to download the presets. You will also need to create an account on Lightroom, but make sure that you do not sign in using Google or FaceBook or you will lose the presets if you sign out or get a new phone. Keep in mind these presets will take a while to download and require a solid internet connection.


Before you can download the presets you will need to first download the app ‘ZipTool’ (or any other unzip app). You will also need to download the ‘Adobe Lightroom’ app and create an account (it’s free!). Once the transaction has gone through you will receive an email containing a downloadable file. Click on that file link and then ‘open in ZipTool’, (this may take a few minutes). Once inside ‘ZipTool’ you can unzip the file and a new folder titled ‘DL Linen Collection’ will appear. This file will include all 5 presets and a step by step guide on how to install the presets to your mobile Lightroom app. Follow the installation guide and enjoy your new presets! The file will expire within 24 hours so be sure to download the preset pack before your time runs out!


All sales are final. Digital products cannot be returned and no refund will be available. Unauthorized distribution of DL Presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

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DL Faded

This is the original preset that the entire collection is based off of. It’s the perfect middle-man, not too saturated but not too dull, bright but not over-exposed. And the colour palette is so dreamy.


DL Ivory

Snapped a photo you love but it’s way too dark? Don’t worry, this preset has got your back. DL Ivory brightens up your photos while still keeping that warm, creamy feel.


DL Cotton

Over-exposed? Don’t fear. DL Cotton will bring that lighting back down where it’s supposed to be. This preset even works for photos taken in direct sunlight!


DL Cream

This collection focuses on warm skin tones, but sometimes it can be too much. DL Cream will bring down those oranges when they become overpowering.


DL Linen

Sometimes, especially in photos taken outdoors, the bold colours can be washed out. DL Linen warms up and brings back some of that warmth and saturation without sacrificing the creaminess.